Intricate Weave Travel and Textiles

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Collecting stunning designs and specialty woven items from around the globe.

Offering Boutique Small Group Travel for Adventurous women.


Traveling has raised my awareness of the importance of supporting remote weavers in retaining their hand looming traditions. The textile quality from these individual pieces outperforms  the mass produced factory products. In fact nothing surpasses the texture of good quality fabric in your hand or the diverse richness of fabric colour. This is why I hand pick all the textiles for this website. This journey has taken my search into the mountains of the High Atlas and the old medina’s of Morocco. To Nepal with its industrious hand loom industry and  locating textile treasures from Sri Lanka & India.


The weavers work with yarn that is harvested from Himalayan nettle, flax, silk from agave cactus and silkworms, as well as wool from sheep, yak, camel and Himalayan mountain goats.Both natural and chemical dyes are used to create exquisite individual pieces which are crafted by hand looms, human driven looms and embroidery needlework.



On these journeys I have  improved  my photography skills with the wondrous subjects and stories captivating my eyes. The horses, mules , donkeys and unbelievable landscapes.

Since COVID 19 has put a stop to the normality of life, am enthralled with  horse photography. My beautiful muses, my  Peruvian Paso’s Carisma, Clarinda, Bron and Iliana (the new kid on the block) are inspiring.


Horse photography for myself is capturing the essence of the horses soul. With one click of the camera a moment in time captures the tenderness between a new born foal and mare or the unity of horse and rider as one being. In the jousting arena the overlooked placid grey horse in a split second becomes a formidable animal of war.  A portrait can capture the elegance, intensity , proud, affectionate or softness of the horse soul. Its a matter of waiting for that exact moment. Its certainly an art to capture that minute in time.

My blog section of the website, is part humorous travel tales interspersed with educational facts. I have been blessed to be accepted closely into communities in Morocco, Nepal and India. Have many extraordinary friends in these countries who am honored to  have developed strong friendships with. Solo women’s travel is often arduous but very rewarding.