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The Ladies Midlife Travellers Club

The Ladies Midlife Travellers Club is for ladies who are searching for an elusive travel experience but not in a solo capacity.


The journey will take a path,  uniquely different from the usual with lasting memories of unexpected discoveries. In fact, the Ladies Midlife Travellers Club offers personalized tours created from your passions and interests.


We create small group tours of 8 to 12 ladies, with new routes created each year to tantalize one’s sense of adventure. Travelling in a small group of like-minded ladies, you will be in the capable hands of local guides, drivers and myself. 


There is no doubt it will be a journey that will leave the you at the end wistful and wishing it was not over.


One thing for sure, once experienced this type of travel leaves you hungry for more, you will be back for the next experience, it is very addictive. New experiences and life long friendships await you. 


Enjoy the blogs.

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