The Ladies Midlife Travellers Club

Follow your passions & discover the unknown.


A little about me, as a child my family spent alot of the time moving following the construction jobs , Inverell NSW, Perth I can still remember the gravel road crossing the nullabour plains , with Dad, the canary and our dog. They really would not let me bring my fish. Darthmouth Dam in Victoria is where they first caved in and Toby my pony arrived into the family. My siblings were born in every location.


We moved to Fiji, Dad had a job working on a hydro dam. Mums sister and her husband also moved across and it was great having our cousins there. Magical deserted islands, incredible reefs and misty mountains where the fog could stay enshrouding us for months.


I returned to Australia without the family for secondary schooling to live with our grandparents in Rawson, Grandpa was the senior engineer in charge of the construction of the Thomson Dam and was reunited with my pony. I spent every hour out of school on horseback wandering the mountains of the great dividing range.


At the end of high school when I began my science degree I took a part time  job working for a saddle safari business owned by Debbie and Malcolm Johnston.  For four years I spent every weekend apart from the two went months of the year when the horses were turned out on safari. Coopers Creek, Woodspoint, Walhalla and the high-country from overnight weekend to 10 days camping trips. It really set the scene for my wanderlust.


After graduating I moved to Warambool Victoria and took a job at the hospital in Pathology. I was able to save and travelled into Kashmir and Ladakh with the Explore adventure tour company, we got stranded in a war evacuated and my cousin I did not get off the plane at the airport in Melbourne as we were stranded in the Himalyas. Our mothers were beside themselves and, in those days, limited communication.


On marrying we set up a scuba diving business from the beginning based on Wailoaloa beach Nadi. Inner Space Adventures, we sold it after 5 years and my husband and I parted company.


I came back to Australia and eventually bought a small property and have lived with a multitude of dogs and horses plus the odd cat.


In 2012 my friend Trish phoned and said that she and her husband where off to Bhutan and would I like to join them. Bhutan had been high on Max’s wish list, I jumped at the chance to accompany them.


I travelled to Kathmandu, Trish and Max were already off on a trek, they returned a few days later. Then we headed off to Bhutan, oh wow what a country. It was an incredible adventure, the landscape , the day treks, the food and the people. It touched my soul; it is a very mystical place.


Morocco, was the place I was going after Kashmir but life got in the way. Trish, Max and I headed to Morocco on a route I had devised with some amazing accommodation that I had chosen.  It whetted my appetite for more travelling.


The first trip in Morocco had me wanting to return and so I did on several occasions using the same driving company.  Then I decided I needed something more adventurous to get off the beaten path and capture those elusive experiences that I felt where missing.


I spent months researching out of the way places, unique accommodation, studying the map and plotting my route. I love creating trips its take immense pleasure in creating them and I am good at this, so my tour operator friends overseas tell me.


So, I booked a ticket for a month in Morocco, solo , hired a driver I knew nothing about .All my other trips I had been on friends had decided to come with me at the last moment.
Finally, it’s the day to leave, I sat at Tullamarine Airport nerves a flutter, am going into the unknown by myself with a driving company I know nothing about on my own. I could easily have gone home but I hoped on that plane and never regretted a moment, times it was not easy but the strong friendships I formed and people I encountered, the landscapes I saw of remote places have never left me. I Did capture those elusive experiences that meant something to me. But  It only increased  my desire to continue travelling, Nepal , India, Sri Lanka , Fiji  since 2013 I had not stopped travelling till Covid struck in 2020.


For me I keep going back to those countries,  I know them well and they keep enchanting me. There are a few more i want to add onto my list.


Friends keep asking can they come, why don’t I setup tours myself . They have loved my trip routes. I have been very lucky in all those countries to have developed strong relationships with tour operators, guides and drivers who deliver exceptional service.


The Ladies Midlife Travellers Club is finally named and established. I began taking others with me since 2016 and many solo trips in
between. I had hoped  in 2020 to take a small group of Ladies to Morocco but covid put an end to that.


The common theme from many Ladies  is to share the experience with other like minded Ladies, solo travelling is not for everyone but if you can follow your passions with a small group it makes all the difference.


The Ladies Midlife Travellers club:

  • Creates personalized tours from your passion and interests. We listen to what you want and create something to tailor.
  • The Club Offers off-the-beaten track experiences
  • Unique accommodation from basic to extraordinary
  • Incredible  team of knowledgeable drivers and guides
  • Small group Ladies tours for 8 to 12 people
  • We also offer trips for individuals or couples wanting something different.
  • Free time to go and see what interests you. We can organise this or you may want to sit in a cafe and watch the world go by.
  • We spend two nights mostly in each place and concentrate the trips to certain regions to maximize the enjoyment.
  • There is a blog of travel for all for travellers and non travelles with travel tales, handy hints and sample itinerieris
  • With joining the club we send out a monthly newsletter , I dont believe in sending daily emails.


All I can say , once you begin travelling this way it is very addictive, am living proof for that.


Look forward to travelling with you or creating a special trip , contact me for any information or to say hello